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Bulletin 19 January 2010

Haiti: The US takes control of Port-au-Prince ♦ Reconstruction plans ♦ Chile: new president to continue current policies ♦ Venezuela: government does not rule out more expropriations ♦ Bolivia denies responsibility for failure o
Armen Kouyoumdjian writes about the immediate future after the victory of the right in Chile.

Bulletin 18 January 2010

 Haiti: ONU asks Haitians to “be patient” ♦ Open air cabinet meeting ♦ Some return to "normality” in the middle of the chaos ♦ Hugo Chávez: The US controls Haiti ♦ Chile: Right wins presidential election

Bulletin 15 January 2010

Haiti: Despair turns into anger for lack of help ♦ Long term plan to solve Haitian crisis ♦ No deportation from US for "illegal" Haitians ♦ Chile: Government coalition “ready for defeat”

Bulletin 12 December 2010

Chile: Run-off campaign speeds up ♦ Colombia: respect human rights and you will get help, says the USA ♦ Honduras: protests over amnesty for coup plotters ♦ Unemployment increased in 2009 says ILO ♦ Save the environment, do not

BULLETIN 23 December 2009

Mexico: Drug cartels on revenge attack for killing of leader ♦ Colombia: Guerrillas murder kidnapped governor ♦ Mexico: first gay wedding will not be annulled ♦ Peruvian President changes Economy Minister ♦ The British


 Tension between Colombia and Venezuela, again ♦ Cuba: US citizen arrested “for helping dissidents” ♦ Ecuador: Indigenous movement breaks with government ♦ Panama fails to sell its debt ♦ COP16: Mex

Letter from Sao Paulo

Jan Rocha talks, in text and audio, about a dramatic anniversary in Brazilian democracy
Over the last few months President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has been riding the crest of a wave: the Brazilian economy is coming through the global economic crisis relatively unscathed; under his leadership the country has gained a much more powerful

From Copenhagen to Brazil

Live link-ups with Javier Farje in Copenhagen and Jan Rocha in Brazil and panel discussions with Peter Bunyard, Sue Branford & John Hilary.

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