Tuesday, June 27, 2017
São Paulo, May 22. Few Brazilians were familiar with the name of Joesley Batista, who with his brother, Wesley, owns Brazil’s biggest meat packing industry, JBS, now part of the multinational holding J&F. But the revelations of his secretly taped tête a tête with President Michel Temer, alone in the Jaburu Palace late at night on March 7, off...
Privatisation, mass lay-offs and salaries unpaid for months fuel unofficial strikes and discontent.
The government launches a new initiative to boost tourism, this time making use of Haiti's rich history. Russell White takes a look.
Reversing a long-standing pattern, migrants are coming back from São Paulo and Rio to smaller cities in Pernambuco and other north-eastern states.
In an increasingly ageing population,grandmothers have heavy economic and caring burdens but are also finding new opportunities .
The Mexican economy has been divided into gated enclaves where the rich conceal their assets and those on lower incomes become invisible.
A new company making tablet computers suggests a different economic path for post-earthquake Haiti

Haiti: No sweat

The Caracol Industrial park, intended as the flagship post-earthquake development project, has been little short of a disaster.

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