Saturday, February 17, 2018
A group of international writers have just published in Portuguese a book repudiating the constitutional coup in Brazil. This is the UK contribution, written jointly by Sue Branford and Hilary Wainwright.
So what are prospects for the left in the face of a concerted US-backed right-wing offensive? Left-wing activists in Brazil give us their views.
The giant Brazilian bank offers a rare in-depth interview
Working through IIRSA, the Bank is funding dam construction throughout South America.
Without the bank, BNDES would not have been built. But this massive act of environmental hubris is fraught with problems.
The rise of the Brazil's giant construction companies is intimately linked to power, corruption and bank loans
Bolsa Familia has helped Brazil's poor. Dubbed 'Bolsa Empresário', BNDES has helped big business and the rich.
Sue Branford journeys to Terra do Meio to meet local communities in a remote part of the Amazon
Brazil's BNDES, the world's largest development bank, appears to be out of control and damaging Brazil's people and biodiversity
The last episode in Brazil's fast-moving political drama around the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff gives us more arrests, head-butting and fisticuffs.

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