Where journalism is planted, democracy blooms Brazilian Network of Environmental Media June 5, 2020 On this World Environment Day, the environmental media and journalists guarantee that they will not cower before the challenge of exposing to society the pressures and the dismantling that is arising from...
President Dilma Rousseff's alternative proposal for the forest code weakens forest protection, say environmentalists.
Cues of official delegates and dancing protesters. A summit to remember
Mineração Rio do Norte (MRN) arrived in the Trombetas River basin in the 1970s with plans to mine bauxite on a gigantic scale. Today, MRN is the fourth largest producer of bauxite in the world, providing the valuable aluminum ore to nations and manufacturers around the planet.On arriving in the Amazon, MRN immediately annexed lands from the...


Haiti: missionaries charged with kidnapping ♦ Paraguay faces energy crisis ♦ Solution for energy crisis? Have longer weekends ♦ Argentina: new head of central bank promises to work with government ♦ China "not interested" in env

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