Thursday, October 21, 2021
  Publicado originalmente em 07 de março de 2016. Na primeira de seis postagens, Sue Branford descreve uma cidade onde as promessas de um pródigo desenvolvimento têm se revelado um grande vazio. Em janeiro 2016, a jornalista britânica Sue Branford viajou ao Brasil pela Mongabay e pelo Latin America Bureau – LAB, para uma sequência de reportagens sobre a vida das comunidades...
The UK's six largest supermarkets have quietly decided to allow more GM soya into the food chain, despite horrific evidence of the impact of the GM soya boom in Argentina.

Chile: A Cartoon History

Re-issued for the 40th anniversary of the military coup in Chile, this Introduction to Chile by Chris Welch follows the style of Mexican cartoonist Rius.
São Paulo, March 22nd. With their usual fine sense of irony, the Federal Police named their latest operation, launched on Friday 17th,   “Carne Fraca” – the Flesh is Weak. The targets were Brazil’s biggest meat companies, all household names, exporters of billions of dollars worth of beef, chicken and meat products to over 150 countries. The two-year investigation, involving over...
The development over the last 40 years of Mato Grosso state in Brazil’s interior as an industrial agribusiness powerhouse has, from the beginning, been hindered by a major economic problem: how to get the commodities to the coast for profitable export. The first route of export from Mato Grosso was a costly and time-consuming southern one, with commodities...

Part 6: Fordlândia

In the sixth and final episode of her journey, LAB editor Sue Branford takes time off to visit Fordlândia, Henry Ford's failed attempt to create rubber plantations in the Brazilian Amazon.
There's been a real explosion in obesity and diabetes in Mexico, largely because NAFTA has changed profoundly the country's food systems.
Several strains of the fungal disease 'Roya' are devastating coffee bushes across Central America with disastrous consequences for harvests and farmers
Na terceira de seis postagens, uma discussão sobre os problemas dos colonos (barragens, legislação ambiental, grileiros) e uma visita a uma fazenda “fantasma”. Tradução: Maria Luíza Camargo. A matéria original, em inglês, pode ser lida aqui no LAB ou aqui no Mongabay. Aqui, a primeira e a segunda postagem.  Publicado originalmente em inglês em 23 de março de 2016. Em janeiro de...
A new report from Caritas highlights the four grand myths peddled by gold mining companies in the Isthmus.

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