Sunday, September 26, 2021
Extreme weather conditions in Central America have created drought in El Salvador in recent months. Will Jason reports.
Horacio Martins de Carvalho, a leading rural analyst, laments the way Embrapa, the country's main agricultural research institute, has been turned into a tool of neoliberalism, even signing technical agreements with Monsanto. In Portuguese.
Haiti: the business of disaster. US corporations are profiting handsomely from the large quantities of food aid, mostly rice, which is being brought into the country in the wake of the earthquake. But this rice is sounding the death kn
The United Nations urges the region to adopt a new development model, based on its extraordinary biodiversity.
Weak, regressive tax regimes lead to poverty and government underfunding fails to redress the balance. Christian Aid reports.
The Catholic Church’s Pastoral Land Commission says 13 rural workers have been massacred in the Amazon. Their report has been ignored by the national press.
Pineapples in Costa Rica: Over the last decade intensive agriculture has led to a big surge in pineapple production in Costa Rica but at horrific cost to workers, peasant families and biodiversity. Felicity Lawrence takes an in-depth l
Brazilian socio-environmental organisations have launched a campaign to stop the country's forestry code from being drastically rewritten to favour agro-business.
Farmers threaten to burn seeds donated by Monsanto.
Keven Edmonds looks at how Bill Clinton destroyed Haiti's farmers.

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