Sunday, September 19, 2021
Brazil's president Bolsonaro has ridiculed the coronavirus crisis as being a mere flu, outraging health professionals and going against most members of his own government, including the (now ex-) health minister Mandetta, the notorious Lula-jailing Justice Minister Sergio Moro, and the military. State governors have taken matters into their own hands, condemning Bolsonaro's irresponsibility and ordering lockdowns in their own states....
This article was prepared by the author on April 22 2020. While the counts of cases and deaths from Covid-19 have changed (see Postscript below and PlanV image), the main arguments remain valid and even more relevant. Statistics shown in images in this article may differ from those in the text, owing to different dates and ways of counting. Main image:...
To many citizens' dismay, Uruguay's exemplary handling of the pandemic could help pave the way for the Lacalle Pou administration to pass new, seemingly neoliberal, legislation.
Geomapping has enabled quilombola communities in Goiás state, Brazil, to demarcate their land, apply for titles and mount a defence against invading soya farmers, ranchers, miners and land thieves. They are now receiving international recognition.

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