In December 2011 Peru became the latest country in Latin America to ban genetically modified organisms. But can it be sustained?
The UK's six largest supermarkets have quietly decided to allow more GM soya into the food chain, despite horrific evidence of the impact of the GM soya boom in Argentina.
Large-scale commercial farming, particularly of soya, is imposing GMOs and destroying rural livelihoods.
There's been a real explosion in obesity and diabetes in Mexico, largely because NAFTA has changed profoundly the country's food systems.
The area covered by genetically modified crops has been growing rapidly but the anti-GM campaign is far from defeated.
Alarm at new dengue emergency where GM mosquito trials conducted.
In a surprising move Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has decided to end the spraying of Monsanto's Round Up as a means of eradicating coca.
State of emergency decreed in town with GM mosquitoes
Last week's quiet victory over Monsanto in Campeche may have huge implications for native Indian groups in the US and Canada.
A book by the former CIA bureau chief for Latin America head tells us more about his mind-set than the details of his activities.

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