A book by the former CIA bureau chief for Latin America head tells us more about his mind-set than the details of his activities.
A documentary made by Friends of the Earth in Uruguay reveals the suffering among the rural population in Uruguay, because of the indiscriminate spraying of herbicides. Raúl Zibechi reports.
The impeachment of President Lugo, rushed through Congress, was has clearly benefited big landowners and the powerful biotechnology companies. LAB reports.
On the 25th May, more than 450 cities in the world marched against Monsanto, and San Jose was no exception.
President Santos has been praised internationally for banning the use of glyphosate, now declared a 'probable carcinogenic', but the spraying of coca is still continuing. It's too soon to celebrate.
According to a new report, hundreds of sugarcane workers are dying in Central America as a result of of a strange kidney disease, without any serious investigation being carried out as to the cause.
A coalition of doctors, health professionals and researchers calls for a ban on aerial spraying of crops. Dr Eva Sirinathsinghi reports.
Two of the activists behind the GMO moratorium explain, in an interview with LAB, how Peru managed to become the latest Latin American country to achieve a moratorium on GMOs. In Spanish
FAO optimism about eliminating hunger ignores climate change, which will present a big risk for the continent.
A new report from GRAIN charts the massive GMO invasion under way across the region, spearheaded by operations in Mexico

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