On October 29, 2019, the indigenous governor of the Tacueyó Reserve, Cristina Bautista, was attacked and killed in the Cauca region of Colombia by members of the Estructura Dagoberto Ramos, a dissident FARC group which wished to extend its control over the communities that she led. She died, along with four members of an indigenous guard group protecting the...
Colombia's President Santos and Venezuela's President Chávez are collaborating in combatting the FARC and controlling smuggling.
The Nasa people's desire for autonomy places them in conflict with the national army, the FARC and the paramilitaries.
This important article was originally published in Spanish in August 2019 (read the original here). Cristina Flores has translated it for LAB as a contribution to our ongoing project Voices of Latin America, represented by our book of that name, and the ongoing website which continues the work of the book. There is life and struggle beyond elections. In...
A former director of the Jesuit think-tank CINEP argues that peace depends on settling the 'social question', chronic inequality, and sees little willingness anywhere to address this seriously.
8 July 2020. In Colombia, children from the Chocó Robotics Club located in one of the remotest, poorest, and most violence-scarred departments, have used their resources to create plastic masks for medical staff working in the underfunded hospitals that lack basic tools to confront the coronavirus. People are used to facing problems alone in this region as they cannot...
Right-wing paramilitaries, the heirs of the infamous death squads, have started to re-emerge in Colombia. Programme presented by Teresa Bo. Video: Al Jazeera (English), 9 September 2010
Peru’s official contender for the Oscars, Song Without A Name (Canción sin nombre) follows a young indigenous woman as she searches for her child, stolen at birth in a fake health clinic in Lima.


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