London's La Clave Festival returns to Crouch End on Saturday June 17, with music, film and talks, three of them organised by LAB.  The three LAB events all take place in the Council Chamber at Hornsey Town Hall. 11am – 12pm BRAZIL Brazil Post Impeachment: One year of Temer GovernmentJournalists Ali and Jan Rocha will explain the background to Dilma Rousseff's impeachment in 2016 and look at Michel Temer's controversial first year in government....
Gwen Burnyeat's account of the crucial FARC 10th Guerrilla Conference, exclusive for LAB
The killing of a Zapatista schoolteacher leads subcomandante Marcos to adopt a new identity in honour of his fallen comrade
Historian Alun Burge examines the role of the extraordinary Welsh community and its support for the Trelew prisoners -- and calls for more research.
For the national peace process to succeed, local communities need to make sense of their past and keep alive historical memory.
Former President Alvaro Uribe is critical of the current Colombian government's attempts to secure peace with the FARC guerrillas.
As the country awaits the signing of a definitive ceasefire, the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet offers instructive parallels.
LAB's Gwen Burnyeat travels with members of Rodeemos el Diálogo to meet and seek to understand the FARC, who are about to hold their 10th conference.
Colombia: an election which will determine the fate of peace By Thomas Mortensen, Colombia Country Manager, Christian Aid As Colombians head to the polls on the 27th May, the internationally recognised peace agreement signed with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in late 2016, hangs in the balance. Edited highlights of a debate between Colombian presidential candidates Ivan Duque and Gustavo...
This has been a historic year for Colombia, with the signing of the peace accords in September 2016 and the continent’s oldest guerrilla group, FARC-EP, laying down its arms and becoming a formal political party. The process has had many sceptics. Questions abound about how effective implementation will be and many city dwellers doubt whether the peace accords have...

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