A small guerrilla group in Paraguay has become a headache for the government. Nick Caistor, from LAB, looks at the return of 'foquismo'. Nick Caistor, from LAB, reports
Indigenous groups on the Atlantic coast and the Sandinistas are gradually learning how to live with each other. An interview with Michael Campbell from CEDEHCA.
COLOMBIA: THE BEGINNING OF THE END FOR THE FARC? For the first time since the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) started its armed struggle against the Colombian state in 1964, its top leader has been killed by the army.
The International Crisis Group has published a damning report on the bloody presence of Mexican drug cartels in Guatemala.
The author argues that elements in the Mexican government may be working with the drugs cartels.
The London-based Nicaragua Solidarity campaign has prepared a simple guide to the November general elections.
Peasant famers, indigenous groups and Afro-Colombians meet to demand new policies from the government.
In his Blog da Amazonia, the Brazilian journalist, Altino Machado, describes how paramilitaries from Peru have invaded land belonging to isolated Indians in Brazil.
The Uruguayan politican analyst, Raúl Zibechi, argues that Ecuador is the latest in a series of Latin American nations, including Brazil, in which the state is promoting a new form of neoliberalism, which is being called post-neoliberalism.
A prominent member of the Guatemalan left believes that his country is the victim of a neo-colonial offensive.

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