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Venezuela: call for a coalition government

LAB received this article from Venezuelan National Science Prize winner Victor Álvarez. We publish it here because of its appeal to both sides of...

Covid-19 in Latin America – 24 March update

By Emily Gregg, edited by Mike Gatehouse, with additional material from Peru & Haiti Support Groups UK and LAB correspondents in the regionLAB has...

Brazil’s twin catastrophes: the virus and the president

Brazil faces two disasters: the pandemic of coronavirus, and the pandemonium of the Bolsonaro government. The first is invisible and highly contagious but should only last...

Covid-19: the problem is the money

‘I’m not afraid of this virus’, said Idrissa. ‘For me, the problem is the money. There is no money coming in.’ He was sitting...

Covid-19: diary of a flight from Argentina to Brazil

Camila Pierobon is a Research Associate at CEBRAP (São Paulo). She wrote this piece in a text to a friend after arriving home in...

Covid-19 in Latin America. LAB newsletter special. 17 March 2020

17 March 2020 Dear LAB Supporter and Friend,COVID-19 in Latin America. A LAB Special Newsletter We thought that LAB should research and...

Covid-19 in Latin America

By Emily Gregg, with additional material from David Lehmann, Mike Gatehouse and LAB correspondents in the region. LAB has put together this overview of the...

The indigenous midwives of the Amazon

In the villages of Tabatinga, Amazonas, Ticuna midwives work according to ancestral traditions, honing their skills generation after generation. However, they remain unrecognised by the state. Translated...

The Chilean Spring

It is spring in the Southern hemisphere. But in Chile, this spring is different - Santiago, 29 October ‘Chile has woken up’  is one of...

Water for Life

On 22 March, World Water Day, CONIC, Christian Aid and CREAS launched an online training course for faith communities in Brazil: 'Water for Life....

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