Thursday, June 20, 2024


Senators’ New Clothes

Argentina’s Senate voted 38 to 31 to reject the law to decriminalise abortion in the early hours of August 9. Outside the Congress building, two million people gathered in the streets to remind Senators that public opinion has already been won over to the state taking responsibility for the deaths of women caused by illegal and unsafe abortions.

Brazil’s sea of mud

With the bursting of a dam full of iron ore tailings and other toxic metals in Minas Gerais state, Brazil is facing one its most serious environmental disasters ever.

Brazil poised to approve Terminator seeds

With Brazil in political disarray, the agribusiness lobby is seeking gain approval from Congress for the Terminator seeds, that is, seeds genetically modified to be sterile. This would entail a huge risk for the country's precious biodiversity.

Colombia: the forgotten children of Las Pavas

Work to help children who face malnutrition in one of the many communities of families displaced during the country's armed conflict.

Mexico – battle looming over fracking

While there are great business opportunities for fracking, many are concerned about the cost to the environment and to people’s health.

Mega-events and prostitution

The main danger of violence to sex-workers during major sporting events is from the police, not the punters.

BRICS: Expectation vs reality

As the BRICS countries prepare for their summit in Fortaleza, Brazil, foreign policy (e.g. Syria) and a BRICS bank head the agenda as the new group comes of age.

Mobile Phones: The new vox pop

Across Mexico and Central America cell-phones bring benefits and some dangers, especially for women.

Cuba: Women and the low fertility rate

Cuban TV provoked a storm of indignation when it appeared to hold women solely responsible for the country's low birth-rate.

An American Spymaster’s story

A book by the former CIA bureau chief for Latin America head tells us more about his mind-set than the details of his activities.

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