Sunday, May 26, 2024

Human Rights

Honduras: defending a mountain for 30 years

Pedro Pinto, 67, has spent over half his life defending the environment in the western region of Ocotepeque, Honduras. In November 2022, two of his vehicles were burned by an unknown party, he suspects that they were enemies of his work as an environmental defender.

What a load of greenwash!

A mining engineer with more than 40 years in the industry challenges the ESG frameworks used by mining companies to greenwash their activities

Mexico: Domestic workers update

Women Resisting Violence Collective author Marilyn Thomson reports from Mexico on the struggle of domestic workers organisations, catching up with leaders she interviewed for the 2022 Women Resisting Violence book.

Searching for the disappeared of the Southern Cone dictatorships

Tricia Feeney contextualises the work of CLAMOR, an organization co-founded by Jan Rocha dedicated to defending human rights in the countries of the Southern Cone.

Second launch event for: CLAMOR by Jan Rocha

A second launch event in London for Jan Rocha's book 'CLAMOR: The search for the disappeared of the South American dictatorships' on 14 June

Nano Stern sings Víctor Jara at the Jazz Café 

We are at the Jazz Café to celebrate Jara’s life and I can't think of anyone better to do this with than Nano Stern, Chilean singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and the heir to the Nueva canción tradition.

El Salvador: a cure more harmful than the disease?

A state of emergency and ruthless action by the authorities has dramatically curtailed the activity of gangs which previously ruled vast swathes of El Salvador. But there are many innocent victims and the underlying poverty, inequality and injustice remain untouched.

Colombia: can Petro achieve lasting peace?

In Caldono, residents are torn between optimism and a weary acceptance of the conflict that has plagued their community for decades.

Accusations of human rights violations ripple through Peru 

Red Muqui shine a light on police repression and the violation of human rights in the context of recent social unrest in Peru, and dig deeper into the tensions underpinning the protests and the violent state response.

Marighella: resisting Brazil’s military dictatorship

Elite Squad and Narcos star Wagner Moura presents an emotive portrait of Afro-Brazilian writer-politician Carlos Marighella – a force de resistance against the 1960s military dictatorship and an inspirational icon for revolutionaries across the globe.

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