Indigenous groups from nine Amazon countries say that, while the climate crisis gets worse ever year, the global powers are still pushing ahead with so-called 'green deals'  that, in practice, threaten the survival of mankind.
Peasant famers, indigenous groups and Afro-Colombians meet to demand new policies from the government.
President Rafael Correa has started a campaign against Non-governmental Organisations.
In his Blog da Amazonia, the Brazilian journalist, Altino Machado, describes how paramilitaries from Peru have invaded land belonging to isolated Indians in Brazil.
Eviction of indigenous community in Guatemala.
Indigenous people in the eastern lowlands of Bolivia are again preparing to make the long march to La Paz, 21 years after their first such protest.
In Colombia, indigenous peoples continue to be the victims of the internal armed conflict, which is escalating once again. Some communities are saying enough is enough.
The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the Organisation of American States (OAS) says that work should end on the Belo Monte hydroelectric power station on the Xingu river, pending "full, free and informed" consultation with the affected comm
Bishop Erwin Kräutler, the president of CIMI (Indigenous Missionary Council) in Brazil, has published an "open letter" in which he attacks the government's decision to push ahead with the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam in the Amazon basin.
At the end of February, the trial was held of the men accused of killing the Guarani leader Marcos Verón in 2003. Jan Rocha, who was at the trial, sent this special report.

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