Sunday, September 19, 2021
Farmers have illegally taken over 90% of the land belonging to a Xavante group in the north of Mato Grosso. According to a report in 'O Globo' newspaper, the Indians are fighting against the 'perverse economic logic' of soya and cattle.
Indigenous leaders withdraw their recognition of the national government due to plans to mine the Cerro Colorado mountain. A plan which is likely to cause environmental destruction and contamination of the water supply.
As many in Guatemala still fight against the impunity offered to alleged war criminals, Feffer looks back at the civil war and draws comparisons with modern day Latin America.
The level of social inequality among indigenous groups is 11 times greater than in any other group. Article, in Spanish , in El Universal newspaper.
The leading indigenous organisation, CONAIE, has published an open letter in response to the crisis affecting the country.
Over the last few months the FNRP has collected 1.2 million signatures from all over the country for a petition demanding a new constitution
Despite a growing outpour of international support and solidarity, there is no end in sight to the paramilitary violence being waged against the Indigenous Triqui people of San Juan Copala in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Daniela Estrada discusses the political motivations behind the Mapuche hunger strikers.
A recently released UN report has found that indigenous tribes in Colombia are critically endangered.
Indigenous people mobilize to protect their land rights in Guatemala whilst the government fights to protect the interests of international investment.

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