Sunday, September 19, 2021
From Bolivia Nick Caistor asks if a new law will make it easier for indigenous communities to live alongside each other.
President Piñera heads for conflict with the Mapuche.

Amazonas, the Opera

A groundbreaking operatic spectacle puts Brazil's Yanomami tribe in the spotlight – and highlights the destruction of the rainforest. Jan Rocha reports.  
In a powerful radio documentary Gary Northan looks at the destruction of peasant communities caused by soya for biofuels.
Controversy over Brazil’s giant hydropower station in the Xingu river is set to intensify. Sue Branford reports.
Amazon communities have seized barges of hard wood to protest over illegal logging. Americas Report has the story

Bulletin 16 February 2010

 Haiti: illness threatens survivors and orphaned children ♦ Nicaragua: Indigenous peoples are not citizens ♦ Peru: politics and show business mix well ♦ Venezuela: desperate attempts to solve energy crisis ♦ Heavy rains are the
Rafael Correa is in trouble with those who put him in power. Roger Burbach explains the reasons

Bulletin 28 January 2010

 Honduras: new President takes office ♦ Peru: Five people die from rains in Cuzco ♦ Haiti: another survivor rescued ♦ Mexico to buy dollars to boost reserves ♦ Indigenous peoples worry for climate change

Ecuador’s cunning plan

A plan to save the rainforest in Ecuador is getting atention from the world.  

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