Monday, August 8, 2022

Indigenous Peoples

Carta abierta de Hugo Blanco a Mario Vargas Llosa

In this open letter in Spanish, the author argues that Mario Vargas Llosa does not deserve the Nobel Prize in Literature because of his alleged anti-indigenous philosophy.

COLOMBIA: 38 indians demobilised through work of local NGO

At least 38 Indians, 20 of them minors and the rest no older than 25, have turned in their weapons and left behind the Colombian armed conflict thanks to a program sponsored by the Association of Indigenous Councils of Northern Cauca, or ACIN.

CHILE: UN Urges Chile to Halt Evictions of Indigenous Protesters

Following months of protests and sit-ins surrounding ancestral land claims on Chile’s Easter Island, the United Nations has officially called on the Chilean government to help diffuse tensions.

CHILE: Police continue evictions of occupied land on the Easter Islands

More than 100 Police Special Forces violently evicted Rapa Nui indigenous groups from the Government Plaza in the center of Hanga Roa over the holidays, causing injuries to at least nine people, three of them serious.

Brazil: soya and cattle in indigenous land

Farmers have illegally taken over 90% of the land belonging to a Xavante group in the north of Mato Grosso. According to a report in 'O Globo' newspaper, the Indians are fighting against the 'perverse economic logic' of soya and cattle.

PANAMA: The Ngabe-Bugle Comarca: Panama’s democracy on the line

Indigenous leaders withdraw their recognition of the national government due to plans to mine the Cerro Colorado mountain. A plan which is likely to cause environmental destruction and contamination of the water supply.

Guatemala: Not-So-Magical Realism

As many in Guatemala still fight against the impunity offered to alleged war criminals, Feffer looks back at the civil war and draws comparisons with modern day Latin America.

UN criticises Mexico for indigenous policies

The level of social inequality among indigenous groups is 11 times greater than in any other group. Article, in Spanish , in El Universal newspaper.

Ecuador: indigenous declaration

The leading indigenous organisation, CONAIE, has published an open letter in response to the crisis affecting the country.

Over one million Hondurans demand change

Over the last few months the FNRP has collected 1.2 million signatures from all over the country for a petition demanding a new constitution

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