Sunday, September 26, 2021
The Campesino-to-Campesino agroecology movement of ANAP in Cuba:  Sustainable peasant agriculture, which first arose in Cuba in response to the economic crisis in the early 1990s, has been going from strength to strength.
Activists from Brazil's Landless Movement (MST) are calling on the new President, Dilma Rousseff, to radically reform the country's old agrarian structures, which, they say, perpetuate inequality, injustice and violence.
Students, environmental organisations, unions, church groups in Argentina are protesting, as one of China's most powerful agribusiness firms is acquiring thousands of hectares of land
Afro-Colombian communities in the Chocó suffer land invasions once again. Read more for an English summary followed by original in Spanish.
More than 100 Police Special Forces violently evicted Rapa Nui indigenous groups from the Government Plaza in the center of Hanga Roa over the holidays, causing injuries to at least nine people, three of them serious.

New role for banana skins

A Brazilian scientist has discovered that the much derided banana skin can play an important role in cleaning rivers polluted with heavy metals.
Horacio Martins de Carvalho, a leading rural analyst, laments the way Embrapa, the country's main agricultural research institute, has been turned into a tool of neoliberalism, even signing technical agreements with Monsanto. In Portuguese.
More human rights abuses as campesinos are evicted in the Bajo Aguan with nowhere to go.
Human rights activist wins award for her organisation's struggle to regain land violently seized by paramilitary groups. Article, in Spanish, from La Semana.
The United Nations urges the region to adopt a new development model, based on its extraordinary biodiversity.

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