As many in Guatemala still fight against the impunity offered to alleged war criminals, Feffer looks back at the civil war and draws comparisons with modern day Latin America.
The Catholic Church’s Pastoral Land Commission says 13 rural workers have been massacred in the Amazon. Their report has been ignored by the national press.
Greenpeace in Brazil believes that the electoral results show that voters are finally waking up to the seriousness of the environmental crisis. We publish their press release, in Portuguese (and in English).
A recently released UN report has found that indigenous tribes in Colombia are critically endangered.
Indigenous people mobilize to protect their land rights in Guatemala whilst the government fights to protect the interests of international investment.
President Piñera heads for conflict with the Mapuche.
Hyundai and other Asian companies seek land in Brazil.
In a powerful radio documentary Gary Northan looks at the destruction of peasant communities caused by soya for biofuels.
Now and then there emerges somewhere in the world a social movement that is really exceptional for its integrity, astuteness and mass appeal. For me one of those rare movements is Brazil's  Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST)/the Landles
Leading scientists meeting in Copenhagen in mid-March have produced highly alarming forecasts about the future of the Amazon forest.

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