Thursday, August 18, 2022

Local Government

Argentina — controversy over glyphosate

Argentine agriculture is dominated by GM soya yet local residents increasingly fear that the pesticides used to cultivate it are making them sick.

Rio’s Not-So-Green Olympics

Brazil promised "Green Games for a Blue Planet". But did it deliver?

Brazil — A Bridge to the Future?

The programme introduced by acting President Michel Temer consists of extreme neo-liberal measures that the government believes can be imposed by force. But will it work?

Brazil: transport is not a commodity

Passe Livre has held 7 mass demonstrations in São Paulo aiming to force the government to rescind fare rises.

Guatemala: the criminal state

Days after the arrest of President Perez Molina, Guatemalans have voted to elect a new head of state but none of the candidates seems likely to resolve country's pressing problems.

Brazil: Water crisis marks failure of for-profit utilities

São Paulo's ongoing water crisis highlights the role of water company Sabesp and the failure of the 'public-private' partnership model.

Brazil: São Paulo’s water crisis on film

Documentary project Volume Vivo is releasing a series of films to chart the progress and causes of the acute water crisis in Brazil's most populous state.

Ayotzinapa is not a Mexican problem

An open letter from Panamanian singer Rubén Blades calls for an international crusade to end corruption and abuse.

Brazil — military police on the warpath in Belém

A least nine people were killed when armed men, believed to be members of the military police, invaded a poor area of Belém. The incident, largely ignored by the mainstream press, was reported by social media.

Brazil – new concerns over GM mosquito

Alarm at new dengue emergency where GM mosquito trials conducted.

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