Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Former LAB editor Javier Farje visited Caracas recently and explored communities and walked the streets of the Venezuelan capital to find a people who are not prepared to give up just yet.
A nuanced view of microfinance from the director of BRAC, one of the world's earliest and largest microcredit providers.
The debate about Microfinance rages on: two opposing views from Bolivian commentators (in Spanish) from the website of CGAP.
Is microfinance really a useful tool for development? In a special article for LAB, Milford Bateman forcefully argues that it is not.
KIVA is a non-profit organisation that creates worldwide networks of microfinance institutions to alleviate poverty.
Compartamos Bank in Mexico. Behind its gentle image is a tough, highly lucrative bank. Bloomberg Business Week Magazine reports.
A new report on microfinance in Latin America and the Caribbean shows that the sector is growing strongly.
Claudia Pompa reports on Fundacion Paraguaya -- its mission, history and successes.
Mexican microfinance leader Compartamos Banco has forged a path from upstart NGO to regulated bank to component of Mexico's benchmark stock index, and brought millions of low-income clients with it.
Microfinance arouses extreme opinions. Many believe it is the way to aid the developing world out of poverty, while others think it is a market solution to social problems that governments should deal with through welfare.

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