Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Nayana Fernandez, from LAB talks to a Latin American activist in London.
Projects supported by migrant workers in the United States are helping bring life back to 'phantom' villages. LAB has a special report.
U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff commander General Martin Dempsey visited Colombia on March 29 to announce that within weeks U.S. military personnel will operate from a military base there with the newly formed Vulcan Task Force.

Mexico: the Deaths Map

Mexico-US frontier:  Jeremy Harding sees the frontier as "a vast, straggling set of defences, edified at extraordinary cost, where America's sense that it is under siege can be properly enacted".
Homeless people are pressing for urgent action to provide them with housing.
Resentment against foreigners is growing in Argentina, as many poor migrants from Bolivia and Paraguay have been involved in the takeover of land in Buenos Aires.
Tensions for Haitian migrants in the Dominican Republic as immigrant is shot dead by patrol.
About 300 families flee Cuidad Meir following days of gang battles triggered by killing of Tony the Tormenta.
UN says Colombia has more people displaced by violence than any other country.
Hedge funds -- and members of the US Congress -- profit from the incarceration of a million immigrants.

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