Thousands of Cuban migrants trying to reach the United States through Central America have found themselves stranded as countries close their borders to them.
Threatened by local gangs, children in El Salvador are fleeing to the United States
The Federal Government is using delays and excuses to evade responsibility for the appalling conditions in migrant shelters.
U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff commander General Martin Dempsey visited Colombia on March 29 to announce that within weeks U.S. military personnel will operate from a military base there with the newly formed Vulcan Task Force.
Cuba's main source of overseas earnings is now the work done by its doctors and medical professionals writes LAB editor Javier Farje from Havana.
Written by Nathalie Mercier, Christian Aid’s Programme Officer in Guatemala Decision day is fast approaching for Guatemalans awaiting the result of the country’s presidential elections. Neither of the two front-running candidates - Sandra Torres from the centre party National Union for Hope (UNE), and Alejandro Giammattei from the far-right party Vamos - achieved the majority needed for victory in the first round (in June)....

I’m here to stay

The reality confronting migrants who manage to cross the Rio Bravo, in pursuit of the famous American dream, but finding themselves, instead, engulfed in an inhuman nightmare. "I'm here to stay I don't want your hate I came to work Not to steal... I came to stay" Dramatic and moving video by LAB partner OjosIlegales + RED Josué Gabriel...
This video gives a flavour of the attitudes of prosperous Brazilian soya producers based in Paraguay.

Mexico: the Deaths Map

Mexico-US frontier:  Jeremy Harding sees the frontier as "a vast, straggling set of defences, edified at extraordinary cost, where America's sense that it is under siege can be properly enacted".
Nayana Fernandez, from LAB talks to a Latin American activist in London.

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