The author takes a critical approach towards a widely respected human rights organisation
Bringing to justice human rights violators during 1973-1990 dictatorship.
Noam Chomsky: Recent US drive to restore Washington's capacity for  military intervention in Latin America.
Susan Fitzpatrick-Behrens, from NACLA, reports on the emergence of increased resistance, as repression intensifies.
An interview with William Robinson, Professor of Sociology, University of California at Santa Barbara

Bulletin 22 February 2010

Argentina: Government “close” to getting continental support in Falklands dispute ♦ Haiti: final toll could reach the 300,000 ♦ Brazil: former guerrilla becomes presidential candidate ♦ Peru’s exports still dominated

Bulletin 17 February 2010

Argentina: President revives the ghost of the Falklands ♦ Brazil: Presidential candidate proposes radical programme ♦ Venezuela to reconsider offer of electricity supplies from Colombia ♦ Argentina: local currency sinks ♦ Guatem

Bulletin 15 February 2010

Colombia: guerrilla attack candidate ♦ Uruguay: new parliament to start work ♦ Ecuador and China increase military cooperation ♦ Argentinean film wins prestigious award ♦ European Union speeds up controversial agreement with Cen


 Mexico: Calderón presents plan for Ciudad Juárez ♦ Haiti: US missionaries released ♦ Peru: “Accomplice” of Montesinos arrested ♦ Lula changes his party’s economic plans ♦ Forest fires continue in Venezuela

US interference in Haiti

The US has a long history of political meddling in Haiti and many other Latin American countries. Mark Weisbrot reports.

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