Guatemala Women Defenders Defy Canadian Mines and Plead for Help
In 2013, Potássio do Brasil, a subsidiary of the Canadian merchant bank, Forbes & Manhattan, began drilling exploratory wells for a giant potassium mine — a highly profitable venture that would allow transport of potash along the Amazon and Madeira rivers. Potash is a vital fertilizer for Brazil’s rapidly growing soy agribusiness...
Once again, mining becomes a source of conflict in a Latin American country.
News report on the tragedy in the city of Mariana, Minas Gerais , led by Proteste Já , exhibited on the show CQC, Band. Team in Mariana: Gaston Turiel, Juliano Dip, Adriana Alves and Pedro Melão. The translator adds: ' The news report that follows allows for a better glimpse of what most of ...
Spanish journalist Samanta Villar Fans spent 21 days working in an artesanal tin mine in Bolivia in 2009. She filmed it for her programme 21 Days. The full programme can be seen on Facebook at:
In the remote Mayan Qeqchi [kek-chi] community of Lote 8, high in the mountains on the north side of Lake Izabal, eastern Guatemala, we stand in thick brush, in the empty space where the home of Amelia Cac Tiul used to be.
President Michel Temer issued a presidential decree in 2017 to open up the vast 4.6 million hectare (17,800 square mile) RENCA preserve in the northern Amazon to mining. Meeting with a firestorm of criticism he abandoned the effort. Sources now say the Bolsonaro administration is poised to quietly revive plans to open...
The Venezuelan government's decision to take control of the gold business has brought to the surface a serious problem.
Indigenous communities express their support for the legal challenge to the government's right to change the mining law. Beth Geglia reports.
This edited extract from a Christian Aid report, dated 11 June 2019, was prepared by LAB When a dam at Vale SA’s iron ore mine collapsed in Córrego do Feijão in southeastern Brazil on 25 January, Christian Aid provided funding for local partner MAB (Movimento dos Atingidos por Baragens) to deliver urgent lifesaving...

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