OXFAM analyses the protests against mining concessions in northern Peru.
A guide to understand Peru's current mining conflict.
The London-based Peru Support Groups analyses concerns about Peru's new government.
The Peru Support Group interviews a historic leader of Peru's left.

Ollanta Humana: Promising Start

Editorial from Peru Support Group.
The Venezuelan government's decision to take control of the gold business has brought to the surface a serious problem.
President Rafael Correa has started a campaign against Non-governmental Organisations.
A prominent member of the Guatemalan left believes that his country is the victim of a neo-colonial offensive.
Nick Caistor, from LAB, analyses the reasons behind the students protests in Chile.
Ecuador: the struggle for Sumak Kawsay, or 'the right to a good life'. Both the government and social movements see themselves as engaged in the struggle to forge a new and more sustainable way of life for the country.

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