This article was first published by The Intercept on 18 March. It was translated for LAB by Chris Whitehouse. You can read the original (in Portuguese) here. LAB has added a note about quilombos and an update on the Covid-19 test results. The main image is from The Intercept. Photo: Nelson...
This article is available on Deutsche Welle's English website. You can read the original Portuguese article here. Main image: Dr Erik Jennings (left) has been helping to treat remote indigenous people for more than 20 years. Image: Erik Jennings The funeral of an 87-year-old indigenous...

Chile mobilizes: Caimanes

Documentary which explains the history of the El Mauro tailings dam at Caimanes, the threat it poses to the community, and the mining company's efforts to divide and buy off community opposition. Video: CNTV & Chilemovilizared. April 2013. (in Spanish)
This article was first published in Portuguese by Público. It has been translated for LAB by Theo Bradford and edited by Mike Gatehouse There was a great moment of silence on the banks of the river Uraricoera when Macunaíma, the 'hero without a character’, was born in the...

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