The vast expansion of British mega-mining in Latin America is displacing communities, destroying ecosystems, costing lives and polluting our planet. The Rivers are Bleeding: British Mining in Latin America documents 56 UK-mining operations – 32 of which have ongoing conflicts –to produce a damming indictment of one of the world’s most powerful industries. Mining conflicts are fuelled by environmental degradation, competition over water,...
This is a condensed version of a longer article written in July 2020. It was edited for LAB by Emily Gregg. Indigenous territories in Latin America are critical areas where the COVID-19 has had a major impact on vulnerable communities. The Atacama people in Antofagasta, Chile, are one example of how these communities have taken their own action to protect...

Ollanta Humana: Promising Start

Editorial from Peru Support Group.
At Colquiri tin mine, unionised miners are again in violent conflict with independent co-operative producers over rights to the most lucrative seams
The Red Muqui, which monitors extractive industries in Peru, says there are exciting alternatives to the current dirty and socially unjust mining model.
Peru is a country rich in natural resources. It is the world’s largest producer of silver, the second of copper and zinc, and the sixth of gold. Yet the distribution of these resources within the country is highly uneven.
A careful analysis of projects praised in a UK government funded report on investment opportunities.
An interview with Marcelo Giraud, of the Asamblea Popular por el Agua, about the efforts of the mining companies to have Mendoza's Law 7722, which restricts mining, declared unconstitutional. Video: MdZ TV, October 2015
This is the first post in the new London Mining Network blog, a partnership initiative between LAB and LMN. It contains a roundup of Latin America-related content from London Mining Network’s newsletter, with additional material supplied by LAB, researched and written by Tom Gatehouse Main Stories Ecuador: Constitutional Court to rule on fate of Los Cedros forest In an open letter published...

Chile mobilizes: Caimanes

Documentary which explains the history of the El Mauro tailings dam at Caimanes, the threat it poses to the community, and the mining company's efforts to divide and buy off community opposition. Video: CNTV & Chilemovilizared. April 2013. (in Spanish)

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