Friday, July 20, 2018
Kanya D'Almeida examines the gap between the rhetoric surrounding the reconstruction of Haiti and the situation on the ground.
As cholera sweeps neighbouring Haiti, the Dominican Republic confirms that they have had their first death from the disease.
Following anti-UN rioting in Haiti on Wednesday things calm down amid concerns for the forthcoming elections.
Rioters and troops clash amid claims from locals that Nepalese soldiers working for UN mission brought disease to country.
Amid rescue crews attempting to help those affected by Tuesday's mudslide in Oaxaca, Kristin Bricker looks at the neglect and corruption which lies behind the disaster and illustrates the need for closer scrutiny of public spending.
Weeks of heavy rain have caused landslides to hit numerous towns in Guatemala leaving death and destruction in their wake.
In the light of heavier than usual rains across Central America this year Costa Rica is counting the damage from heavy downpours last week. Foreign governments are pledging money and other assistance.
Haiti prepares to go to the polls later this month in perhaps the most important elections in its history, as the country seeks post-disaster stability.


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