Bulletin 2 March 2010

Chile: international aid arrives – people and authorities organise against looting ♦ Argentina: welcome US mediation ♦ Chile: earthquake will not stop economic growth ♦ Bolivia: Rains destroy communities

Bulletin 1 March 2010

Chile: Army controls devastated areas – rescue efforts start – Why Chile coped better than Haiti ♦ Colombia: the end of the Uribe adventure, for now ♦ Argentina: politics makes inflation go up ♦ Meeting to prepare COP16

Bulletin 22 February 2010

Argentina: Government “close” to getting continental support in Falklands dispute ♦ Haiti: final toll could reach the 300,000 ♦ Brazil: former guerrilla becomes presidential candidate ♦ Peru’s exports still dominated

LAB Bulletin 19 February 2010

Haiti: race against time to help survivors amid fears of political chaos ♦ Bolivia: Morales appoints new judges ahead of judicial elections ♦ Argentina: Ariel Ramirez has died ♦ Chile: new government will postpone decision on fuel p

Bulletin 11 February 2010

Haiti: more than 200,000 died in earthquake ♦ Venezuela: minister resigns "over disagreements" about Cuba ♦ Mexico: President demands unity after a minister resigns ♦ Peru: Cuzco “at a bargain price” ♦ Venezuela: art

Bulletin 8 February 2010

 Costa Rica elects first woman president ♦ Venezuela: Chávez expropriates landmark buildings ♦ Argentina: former President has emergency heart operation ♦ Brazil: interest rates set to go up ♦ Colombia: forest fires threaten nat


Haiti: missionaries charged with kidnapping ♦ Paraguay faces energy crisis ♦ Solution for energy crisis? Have longer weekends ♦ Argentina: new head of central bank promises to work with government ♦ China "not interested" in env

Bulletin 3 February 2010

Mexico: Students murdered “by mistake” ♦ Haiti: Judge to decide on fate of US missionaries ♦ Colombia: bodies from the 1985 Justice Palace attack found ♦ Two Latin American films nominated for Oscars ♦ Arge

Bulletin 2 February 2010

Venezuela: opposition press rallies against Chávez ♦ Haiti: primer minister criticises charity workers ♦ Brazil: film about Lula, a “flop” ♦ Argentina: former President “benefited” of privileged information &di

Bulletin 1 february 2010

Mexico: Mass murder in Ciudad Juárez ♦ Haiti: Charity may have tried to save “orphans” whose parents are alive ♦ Peru: Thousands lose their homes because of rain and landslides ♦ Argentina: Author of Santa Evita dies &diam

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