Sunday, March 18, 2018
Brazilians began the New Year in the most terrible way, with images of piles of headless, dismembered corpses, the result of a savage massacre in an Amazon prison. The photos were put on social media by the murderers themselves, in boastful celebration of their bloody crimes. On New Year’s Day, 56 prisoners died in the Anísio Jobim prison on the...
São Paulo 11 Dec 2016. Another turbulent week in Brazilian politics. As Brazil lurches from crisis to crisis, it seems more like a country grappling to stay in the present than the country of the future. The first revelations of the promised “end of the world” plea bargain have been published, exposing a vast and shocking scheme of kickbacks and...
The arrest of the former speaker of Congress has sent shock-waves through Brasilia.
The PT (Workers' Party) fared very badly in the recent municipal elections and is unlikely to recover before 2018. The political system is entering a new era, but no one knows where it will lead.
Anti-Temer protests are spreading like wildfire as the new government is forced to make U turn after U turn
Interim President Michel Temer has chosen a white, male cabinet which ignores all the social advances of the last 14 years
The senate votes to proceed with Impeachment and suspend Dilma. Some of Temer's cabinet choices have provoked indignation, even horror.
Historian Alun Burge examines the role of the extraordinary Welsh community and its support for the Trelew prisoners -- and calls for more research.
The Brazilian Congress, now dominated by the right, may soon vote to lower the age of criminal responsibility from 18 to 16.
In Geneva a UN Committee asks an official Mexican delegation tough questions about the disappearance of the 43 students

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