Thursday, August 18, 2022

Police & Prisons

Inspired by Jara – a three-part podcast

This three-part podcast by the Manics' James Dean Bradfield looks at the lasting influence which Chilean musician and revolutionary singer, Victor Jara, has had on modern music.

Jujuy, Argentina: the whole country is watching us

As large parts of the country remain in lockdown, Argentina’s northernmost province, Jujuy, has all but ended its quarantine amid harsh restrictions on freedoms. Main...

The FBI, the Fusion Center, and the Far Right: US creep...

In an important new investigation, journalist Natalia Viana of Agência Pública has revealed how, during Sergio Moro’s 15 month tenure as Justice and Security...

El Salvador: Demons in black, demons in white

This article was originally published on the the author's own website. You can see the original here. El Salvador ranked 142nd out of 163...

El Salvador’s Bukele – populist and authoritarian?

Between the 24 and 27 April 2020, 76 gang-related murders were reported in El Salvador - a significant hike from the 65 murders which...

Gendered quarantine leaves trans people vulnerable

Gender-based movement restrictions came into effect in Bogotá this Monday (13 April), permitting men and women to go out for essential trips on...

Brazil’s prisons: Covid-19 massacre imminent

Open and poorly treated wounds, food waste on the cell floor, rat faeces, little ventilation, water rationing, insects everywhere. While some inmates do not even get...

Chile: what next?

When students jumped the turnstiles at the Baquedano metro station in Santiago on 18 October 2019 in protest at the 30-peso fare hike, nobody could have...

Chile’s long, hot summer of discontent

It’s 11 January 2020, and I am sitting on a hot and unforgiving cement esplanade, at the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Chile’s...

Brazil: the PT lion roars again

São Paulo, November 10 2019. Following a controversial Supreme Court ruling, Lula has been temporarily freed after 580 days in prison on a corruption...

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