Monday, December 6, 2021
São Paulo, November 10 2019. Following a controversial Supreme Court ruling, Lula has been temporarily freed after 580 days in prison on a corruption charge he has always denied. His freedom came, not because of the leaked conversations that revealed a conspiracy between local judge, now Justice Minister,  Sergio Moro and the prosecutors to stop Lula running in the...
Chile's constitution is a legacy of the Pinochet dictatorship and has come to symbolise the embedded inequalities that sparked a year of mounting popular protestsThe plebiscite on 25 October must determine whether to start the process of drawing up a new constitution and how the process will be conductedEven if the plebiscite endorses both the change and the establishment...
This article was published by Correio da Cidadania, 24 June. You can read the original here. Introduction translated for LAB by Mike Gatehouse. Main image: Luciana Nogueira, wife of Evaldo Rosa dos Santos, at the funeral of her husband. Friends of the musician protested with Brazilian flags stained in red. Photo: Interview and article by Gabriel Brito The so-called Brazilian...
As large parts of the country remain in lockdown, Argentina’s northernmost province, Jujuy, has all but ended its quarantine amid harsh restrictions on freedoms. Main image (above): Hygiene and Safety Protocol. Obligatory during Covid-19 for all activities in the tourist sector. May 2020 As provincial tourism has restarted under the initiative “Jujuy para Los Jujeños, the provincial governor, Gerardo Morales, has...
The far right in Brazil is small, but active. Is it becoming more of a threat?
Panic and despair in Favela do Metrô-Mangueira, next to the World Cup final stadium, as authorities order demolition of 12 homes.
A majority of 6,364 votes will make FMLN President's task exceptionally difficult.
Hilda and Mrio González are convinced their son Cesar Manuel is still alive. "The official version is a lie," they say.
Imperdonable is a compelling short film that condemns the hegemonic model of masculinity in El Salvador.
So illogical are his actions that people are starting to question Jair Bolsonaro's sanity: as he persists in denials about coronavirus, antagonises China which supplies Brazil's vaccines and foments murderous violence by the police

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