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Venezuela: how photos get manipulated

An astonishing catalogue of images posted on social media which turn out to be crude fakes, borrowed from other events in other countries.

Mexico’s ‘Tren Maya’ railway: fat jaguars vs starving babies?

Elva Narcia is the founder of, one of LAB’s partners in Mexico. The article was translated from Spanish by Nick Caistor The Tren Maya...

Colombia: what does peace mean in Comuna 13?

24 January. With the new year in Colombia came a new sentence from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, holding the state responsible for...

Latin America’s migration problems

The Americas were shaped by migration, mostly from Europe. Now Asians and Africans are arriving, and there is desperate intra-continental movement in...

Chile’s water crisis

Chilean politics are marked by several long-running and highly divisive controversies, many deriving from the most consistently neoliberal economic policies and property arrangements  in the world. One of...

Venezuela lags behind on women’s and LGBT rights

Venezuela's opposition parties reject quotas for women election candidates, but the government's own record on gender lags behind most countries in the Region.

Bolivia’s lithium coup

Almost 85 per cent of the world’s lithium reserves are concentrated in the Lithium Triangle along the borderlands of Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. Bolivia’s resources remain largely unexploited. Will Bolivia be able to industrialise Lithium production on its own terms?

El Salvador: expelled by the FMLN, San Salvador’s mayor will run...

This article was prepared for LAB by Anne Liedloff from several posts in Tim Muth’s excellent El Salvador Perspectives blog. You can read the...

Peace on the Street in Trafalgar Square

Colombians in the UK use President Santos' state visit to renew their calls for peace following the shock No vote in referendum on peace agreement with the FARC

Mexico: the politics of Memory

The disappearance of 43 student teachers at Ayotzinapa has brought the issue of 'memoria' to the fore. Relatives do not want monuments. "You took them away alive, we want them back alive", they say.

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