Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Brazil: the flesh is weak but the meat is rotten

São Paulo, March 22nd. With their usual fine sense of irony, the Federal Police named their latest operation, launched on Friday 17th,   “Carne Fraca”...

The four bullets that killed Marielle

22 March 2018. Marielle Franco was executed with four bullets. One each for racism, misogyny, homophobia and impunity. By killing Marielle, the assassins eliminated not...

Uruguay punches above its weight

Uruguay, once regarded as a backwater, is taking on the Big Boys with its daring new policies.

Amazon Besieged – by dams, soya, agribusiness and land-grabbing

The Tapajós River, a major tributary of the Amazon, is renowned for its extraordinary biodiversity and the vitality of its indigenous and riverine communities....

Covid-19 in Latin America – Update 14, 22 October

Covid-19 in Latin America update 14: Argentina reaches 800,000 cases, Brazil agrees to test Russia’s ‘Sputnik’ vaccine, Chileans vote 'Apruebo' with social distancing in place, Colombia sees increase in violence against LGBTQ+, Cuba reopens 13/15 provinces to tourists.

The Penguin Revolution, Chile, 2006

A documentary about María Jesús Sanhueza, one of the leaders of the 2006 secondary school student protests in Chile, known (for their school uniforms)...

Colombia: FARC’s words to the intellectuals

An appeal by the main guerrilla group for intellectuals and artists to join in building the new Colombia

Haiti is no shithole

This post was published by Haiti Support Group. You can read the original here 12th January 2018: Today marks eight years after the Léogâne Earthquake...

Polarisation and Prospects for Social Harmony in Venezuela

Hugo Chávez needs to address the deep divisions in Venezuelan society.

Brazil – serious setback on children’s rights looms

The Brazilian Congress, now dominated by the right, may soon vote to lower the age of criminal responsibility from 18 to 16.

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