Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Covid-19 in Latin America – Update 13, 25 August

The latest update from LAB on Coronavirus incidence and counter-measures highlights worrying increases in cases in several countries and little sign of people in countries such as Brazil blaming their rulers for the spread of the pandemic.

Força Nacional: Brazil’s New Praetorian Guard?

No longer under the control of state governors, the FSN threatens to become a parallel military force at the beck and call of the President.

Covid-19 in Latin America – 5 June update

By Emily Gregg, edited by Mike Gatehouse, with additional material from Peru & Haiti Support Groups UK and LAB correspondents in the region.LAB has...

Colombia: false positives, failed justice

Like Cuba’s Ladies in White and Argentina’s Mothers of the May Plaza before them, Colombia’s Mothers of Soacha continue to do the slow and...

Covid-19 in Latin America – Update 11, 23 July

By Emily Gregg, edited by Mike Gatehouse.LAB has put together this eleventh overview of the spread of coronavirus across the region and the reaction...

Covid-19 in Latin America

By Emily Gregg, with additional material from David Lehmann, Mike Gatehouse and LAB correspondents in the region.LAB has put together this overview of the...

Covid-19 in Latin America – Update 12, 6 August

Covid-19 in Latin America. Update 12 from LAB. Protests in Bolivia's prisons, Jair Bolsonaro's test results, Chileans withdraw pension funds, Colombians try to do the same, hotels in Mexico are to be converted into temporary refuges for victims of domestic violence.

Brazil: the judges, the generals and all the president’s men

In a decision as closely watched as a World Cup final, Brazil’s Supreme Court decided by 6 to 5 to reject a habeas corpus...

Costa Rica: is the far right poised for victory?

In an unprecedented political atmosphere, Costa Ricans will vote for a new president on February 4th. The country has become famous for its wonderful...

Chico Mendes — 25 years after his death

The Amazon activist, Chico Mendes, was murdered outside the door of his house on 22 December 1988. Jan Rocha, who met him, looks at his legacy.

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