Friday, September 17, 2021
Bad news: the government has approved the energy companies' environmental impact report.
With the same tactics and media coverage, sections of the right are unwilling or unable to change their stripes.
This is the right time for Caracas and Washington to start a dialogue to put an end to the crisis in Venezuela.
As Michelle Bachelet embarks on her second presidential term in March 2014, other Chilean women are occupying positions of power.
The recent killings of a leading activist and his wife are part of a worsening human rights situation in Haiti.
What are the viable political alternatives?
Police and military violence during the protests.
The protests have far more to do with returning economic and political elites to power than with their downfall.
Media ideologies, capitalist complicities and the myth of a coup.
The economic crisis that foreshadowed the protests.

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