The recent killings of a leading activist and his wife are part of a worsening human rights situation in Haiti.
As Michelle Bachelet embarks on her second presidential term in March 2014, other Chilean women are occupying positions of power.
This is the right time for Caracas and Washington to start a dialogue to put an end to the crisis in Venezuela.
With the same tactics and media coverage, sections of the right are unwilling or unable to change their stripes.
Bad news: the government has approved the energy companies' environmental impact report.
Neither the Government nor the opposition seem to be willing to engage in a dialogue to put an end to the current crisis in Venezuela.
An astonishing catalogue of images posted on social media which turn out to be crude fakes, borrowed from other events in other countries.
The growing use of social media in political protests is an exciting new democratic tool, isn’t it? Not always, warns Venezuela expert Dr Julia Buxton, looking at the alarming ways in which it is being used in Venezuela today.
Amid mounting tensions, the Maduro government shows some restraint
Self-defence units are springing up all over Mexico.The Peña Nieto government has signed a pact legalizing many of them, but will it be able to control their activities?

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