A recent constitutional court ruling reduces the term in office of Claudia Paz y Paz who as attorney-general has led the fight against impunity.

The Colombia Connection

'The Colombia Connection', explores Colombia's armed and social conflict and the historic role played by the US government in the conflict. The documentary will be introduced by its director Pablo Navarrete who will then take part in a post-screening discussion, alongside Grace Livingstone (journalist and author of ‘Inside Colombia’) and Daniel Kovalik (Adjunct Professor of Law, Univerity of Pittsburgh). The...
Speaking in Madrid, Bolivia's Vice-President puts forwards his compelling vision for the left across the world
The Amazon activist, Chico Mendes, was murdered outside the door of his house on 22 December 1988. Jan Rocha, who met him, looks at his legacy.
Carlos Fonseca Teran, deputy leader of the Sandinista International Department and son of one of the founding members of the FSLN,talks to LAB's Nick Caistor.

Revisiting Paraguay 2

So the economy's booming? Tell that to the poor, says Jan Rocha in the second of her blog posts.
With local elections on 8 December, President Maduro gambles his future on tightening his control, says Julia Buxton
Doubts grow as to whether the increasingly repressive regime would allow Xiomara Castro, the wife of the deposed president, to take power, were she to win the 24 November presidential elections.
Long-term Colombia watcher Professor Jenny Pearce gives her personal reflections on the fraught peace process
Former President Alvaro Uribe is critical of the current Colombian government's attempts to secure peace with the FARC guerrillas.

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