CENTRAL AMERICA: DOES FAIR TRADE COFFEE ELIMINATE POVERTY? Anders Riel Müller investigates the relationship between Poverty and Fair Trade, presenting it as a multi-faceted problem in which Fair Trade is only part of the solution.
Honduras Weekly reports on the unaffordable cost of living for many Hondurans.
Weak, regressive tax regimes lead to poverty and government underfunding fails to redress the balance. Christian Aid reports.
The level of social inequality among indigenous groups is 11 times greater than in any other group. Article, in Spanish , in El Universal newspaper.
Some 20,000 people met in Bogotá to draw up their own agenda for the country's future. Gearóid Ó Loingsigh sent this special report for LAB.
Pineapples in Costa Rica: Over the last decade intensive agriculture has led to a big surge in pineapple production in Costa Rica but at horrific cost to workers, peasant families and biodiversity. Felicity Lawrence takes an in-depth l
Ecuadorian president, Rafael Correa, is attempting to defuse the police riots. IPS reports from Quito.
Raul Zibechi says Brazil's likely first woman president owes her dramatic rise to the man who's brought millions out of poverty.
As Mexico marks its 1810 and 1910 uprisings, 2010's upheaval is likely to be about drugs, not politics.
This week UN delegates meeting in New York are evaluating progress made in achieving the MDGs. Amnesty International has produced three radio programmes in Spanish.

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