A round-up of articles, books, films and photography covering the military coup.

Paraguay – storms ahead

President Cartes has called for Brazilian investors to "use and abuse" the country so it is scarcely surprising that Paraguayan peasants, driven off their land by Brazilian farmers, are feeling angry.
A podcast from The Guardian. Published in the 'Today In Focus' series, 11 July 2019. To download or listen, click here. Elora Mukherjee is a prominent US immigration lawyer. Several weeks ago she visited the Clint border facility in Texas, which was holding hundreds of children who had tried to cross the border. What she saw was ...
Brazil is the world's largest producer of eucalyptus-derived pulp and the state of Espírito Santo is one of its biggest production centers. More than a third of the state, which was once rich in Atlantic Forest, is at risk of becoming desert. The region faces one of the worst droughts in its history, which is causing billions in...
Real efforts are being made to promote not just dialogue, but real conversation among all actors in Colombia's peace process, at local as much as at national level
Rosa of the Wild Grass: the Story of a Nicaraguan Family, by Fiona Macintosh, was published by LAB just over a year ago. To mark the first anniversary of this remarkable book, Fiona gathered a group of nine local people at the Harbour Arts Centre in Irvine, Ayrshire, as part of the exhibition 'My Home is Your Home -...
Jan Rocha, author of LAB's widely-read Brazil blogs, has just published a new history of  Clamor, the group which took in refugees from the South American dictatorships and denounced the crimes of Plan Condor. The book, Solidariedade Não Tem Fronteiras, with a foreword by Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, is launched on 10 July in São Paulo, at the Bar Tubaína, Rua...

LAB explained

LAB Editor Nayana Fernandez describes LAB's 37 years of commitment and service to human rights and social progress in Latin America

Freedom has no borders

A moving short photo-video from Francisco Elías Prada and Ángela Rodríguez Torres of LAB partner Ojos Ilegales, Venezuela. The photos convey haunting images of migrants from Central America as they cross Mexico in a desperate attempt to reach the USA. The translation of the text is: “Go back to your countries. You’re rubbish! You’re shit!” -That’s what they said to me. Illegals Travellers No...
Film by Judy Jackson, 2019 The migrant crisis through the eyes of Pastor Ignacio Martinez, the founder of ABBA safehouse in Celaya. It started when Ignacio and his family took food to migrants jumping freight trains Some were sick, there was nowhere to wash or sleep. So he founded ABBA, where they can rest, receive food and medical and psychological...

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