LAB's news writer Javier Farje analyses the new Community of Latin American and Caribbean States
An interview with William Robinson, Professor of Sociology, University of California at Santa Barbara

Bulletin 2 March 2010

Chile: international aid arrives – people and authorities organise against looting ♦ Argentina: welcome US mediation ♦ Chile: earthquake will not stop economic growth ♦ Bolivia: Rains destroy communities

Bulletin 23 February 2010

Argentina: President criticises the UK and expects regional support ♦ Latin America Summit: Colombia and Venezuela clash, again ♦ Latin America: An OAS without the Americans? ♦ Colombia: local currency in good health ♦ Brazil:

Bulletin 18 February 2010

Haiti: US missionaries to go home ♦ Oil exploration to go ahead despite Argentinean obstacles ♦ Mexico: Calderón returns to Ciudad Juarez and promises more help ♦ Peru: oil sector will grow in 2010 ♦ Venezuela: calls to declare

US interference in Haiti

The US has a long history of political meddling in Haiti and many other Latin American countries. Mark Weisbrot reports.

Bulletin 25 January 2010

Haiti: relief operations criticised ♦ Women are still dying in Haiti ♦ Dominican Republic praised for emergency help ♦ Venezuela: closure of TV stations causes unrest ♦ Brazil: Real set to get strong again ♦ Chile: water i

The Militarisation of Haiti

US analyst Phyliis Bennis, from the Institute for Polciy Studies in Washington DC, argues that Pentagon priorities once again dominate in Haiti. The UN’s aid agenda, she says, is being marginalised, with the US sending in planeloads of so
US analyst Phyliis Bennis argues that Pentagon priorities once again dominate in Haiti.  

Bulletin 21 January 2010

Haiti: After the earthquake, the illnesses ♦ More US troops in Haiti but aid still vastly inadequate ♦ Blockade to avoid immigration ♦ Honduras: Agreement for Zelaya to leave the country ♦ Venezuela: Revolution until the year 34

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