WikiLeaks involve Brazil

The Brazilian security forces cooperate closely with US intelligence and law enforcement agencies on counterterrorism, in spite of denials from the Brazilian government, show US embassy cables.
New cables revealed in El Pais, a Madrid daily, show how Latin American countries are increasingly wary of China's growing presence in the region.
In an important new investigation, journalist Natalia Viana of Agência Pública has revealed how, during Sergio Moro’s 15 month tenure as Justice and Security Minister under Jair Bolsonaro, he quickly enabled the US Federal bureau of investigation to drastically expand its activities and reach in Brazil. The report reveals meetings involving the representatives from...
Venezuela, whose economy is already in dire straits thanks to US sanctions and its own mismanagement, risks losing control of the Texas-based oil company CITGO, currently owned by Petróleos de Venezuela, and valued at US$8 billion. Bond-holders, the Trump administration and a Canadian mining company are circling the prey. The only, slim chance seems to be if...

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