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Relations with US

Bolivia: Añez’ first days in power

This Special Bulletin from Bolivia Information Forum was issued on 17 November 2019 A right-wing government has taken office in La Paz representing the most...

Colombia: the FARC returns to war?

The recent announcement by Iván Márquez – the second highest commander of the original Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) – that sections of...

Bolsonaro: is there method in his madness?

11 August 2019, São Paulo. Each day the list of outrageous, insulting, untruthful comments by the president grows longer as President Jair Bolsonaro takes aim...

Guatemala: presidential hopefuls inspire little confidence

Written by Nathalie Mercier, Christian Aid’s Programme Officer in Guatemala Decision day is fast approaching for Guatemalans awaiting the result of the country’s presidential elections. Neither...

Migration & displacement – LAB Newsletter July 2019

Dear LAB Supporter and Friend, 31 July 2019 Migration and Displacement at crisis point In addition to our website, LAB’s Facebook page provides a daily stream of summaries...

Walk with us – the migrant crisis in Central America

Film by Judy Jackson, 2019 The migrant crisis through the eyes of Pastor Ignacio Martinez, the founder of ABBA safehouse in Celaya. It started when...

Bolsonaro: from bananas to pineapples

São Paulo, April 5: ‘If he sees a banana skin on the pavement across the road, he will cross over to slip on it’,...

Venezuela: charade and reality on the border

Charles Beach, in Cúcuta, witnessed Branson’s concert and the halting of the aid convoy On 22 January Richard Branson came to the Colombian border city of...

Venezuela: the alternative of a coalition government

This article is based on a letter submitted in February 2019 to the European Commission and to the International Committee of the Red...

Honduras: Hillary Clinton backed the coup

It’s well known where Hillary Clinton stood on regime change in Iraq and Libya, but what often gets forgotten is that she threw her...

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