Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Why did Western media demonise Chávez: a lively debate.
Media reporting of the Venezuelan President was deeply biased while he lived, and remains so now.
A powerful and witty orator, Chávez dynamised the country, leaving a buzz of activity in place of despondency.
A measured and political obituary which charts Hugo Chávez' evolution, achievements and their future.
With instability a real risk, can Chávez' successors continue his pragmatic advances?
ALBA was Hugo Chávez' pet project. Will it survive him, and will Correa, Morales and the other leaders be able to carry out his vision?


LAB Editor Javier Farje, who was recently in Caracas, writes from Buenos Aires about Hugo Chávez and his legacy.
The Reagan administration and other international actors knew what Rios Montt was doing and backed him. It's time for international impunity to end.
Independence, statehood or status quo: Puerto Ricans cannot decide
Two more subsistence farmers have been killed in the violence relating to land ownership in the Aguan region of northern Honduras.

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