Saturday, July 2, 2022

Relations with US

Bolsonaro’s people: the Amazon, indigenous and landless at risk

President-elect Jair Bolsonaro has chosen Ricardo Salles as Brazil’s environment minister. The former São Paulo state government environment secretary is under investigation for...

Unexpected Uprising: The Crisis of Democracy in Nicaragua

May 14, 2018.How did recent protests over social security cuts in Nicaragua turn into a nationwide grassroots mobilization against President Daniel Ortega? This article was...

Haiti is no shithole

This post was published by Haiti Support Group. You can read the original here 12th January 2018: Today marks eight years after the Léogâne Earthquake...

On the Venezuelan border: all the arms of the press

This article was first published in Revista Opera. You can read the original, in Portuguese, here. October 23, 2017: The day begins at 8...

On the trail of Che

A wave of nostalgia is sweeping Latin America as the 50th anniversary of the death of Che Guevara approaches. Julio Etchart follows the ‘Che route’ to...

How the US Imposes the Worst of Its Prison Paradigm Abroad

This report by Nasim Chatha for Truthout was first published on July 22 2017. You can read the original here. The new federal penitentiary in...

Canada’s toxic policies in Mexico and Latin America

Pretty Faces, Grisly Interests This article was published on the website of Canadian progressive magazine Briarpatch. LAB has added titles and images. Main image: Banner...

Rosa: first anniversary of a remarkable book

Rosa of the Wild Grass: the Story of a Nicaraguan Family, by Fiona Macintosh, was published by LAB just over a year ago. To...

Mexico: Trump weakens fragile economy

If the immigration agenda of Donald Trump and his administration is not enough of a racist assault on the human rights of Mexicans, the...

US Inadvertently Unites Latin America

Latin America has rallied to support Bolivia and President Evo Morales has been strengthened at home. Is this what the US wanted, asks Emma Felber from the Bolivia Information Forum.

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