A CIA document, recently declassified and heavily redacted, has been published by the El Salvador electronic newspaper La Página (2 February 2012). Article in Spanish.
The state is giving up its role to protect the population to give way to private armies in Central America.
A powerful and witty orator, Chávez dynamised the country, leaving a buzz of activity in place of despondency.
Fifty years ago, an invasion of Cuba, sponsored by the CIA, failed and moved the island towards a socialist system.


Two more subsistence farmers have been killed in the violence relating to land ownership in the Aguan region of northern Honduras.
This article is based on a letter submitted in February 2019 to the European Commission and to the International Committee of the Red Cross. The author is Victor Álvarez R., a Venezuelan economist and winner of the Premio Nacional de Ciencia 2013. He was Minister of Basic Industries and Mining during the Chavez presidency The English translation...
Colombia: will there be an end to the war? In a special analysis for LAB, Garry Leech, who has published numerous books, including one on the FARC, looks at prospects for finally resolving the internal conflict, in the wake of the FARC
Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla has warned that her country faces a crisis because of drug traffic. The author explains why.
The International Crisis Group has published a damning report on the bloody presence of Mexican drug cartels in Guatemala.

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