Tuesday, January 18, 2022
The Pentagon is determined to get rid of Hugo Chavez in 2010, say Nil Nikandrov from Global Research.

Brazil as a key player

The US is trying to contain Brazil by creating conflicts on its border, argues Uruguayan analyst, Raúl Zibechi.
The author takes a critical approach towards a widely respected human rights organisation
Naomi Klein argues that the Cochabamba conference will make a difference in the fight againts climate change
The author argues that a new immigration law in Arizona will create tensions in the border with Mexico.
As protests against Arizona's immigration law grow, LAB explains how the Republican legislators shot themselves in the foot.
Factory staff bring case to Madrid tribunal.
Five years ago the nation exploded after killing of leader by FBI.
Washington shows it can still pull rank, says Sue Branford from LAB.
Keven Edmonds looks at how Bill Clinton destroyed Haiti's farmers.

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