President Correa blames the international community's failure to compensate Ecuador for not extracting oil. His critics say he was never serious.
A US court imprisons the ex-commander of the Belloso Battalion, clearing the way for his extradition to Spain.
Communities on the Marañon river are planning resistance to hydro-electric projects being bull-dozed through by the government and the mining companies.
August's 'Agrarian and Popular Strike' highlighted the failures of the NPA and the Santos government's policies.
Against all the odds, peasant families have won rights to their land, despite Brazilian government plans for a large hydroelectric dam on their river.
Villagers on the Tapajos river have won a partial victory in their pursuit of land security.
Legal battles in the United States are obscuring the fact that communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon have received no compensation from Texaco/Chevron for environmental damage caused over 20 years.
Colombian community leaders face threats and attacks, as the case of a community in the Choco region shows.
As election approaches, indigenous leaders face mounting pressure
AngloGold Ashanti is busily buying land and influence in Cajamarca province, future site of its vast La Colosa mine. Behind the PR, what's really going on?

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