Saturday, July 24, 2021
A new book from LAB tells the graphic story of the women of a Nicaraguan peasant family over 5 decades
Working through IIRSA, the Bank is funding dam construction throughout South America.
Without the bank, BNDES would not have been built. But this massive act of environmental hubris is fraught with problems.
Relatives of the victims are threatening to break off all talks with the government, for failing to clarify what happened to their loved ones.
The rise of the Brazil's giant construction companies is intimately linked to power, corruption and bank loans
Bolsa Familia has helped Brazil's poor. Dubbed 'Bolsa Empresário', BNDES has helped big business and the rich.
A leading rural workers' rights activist speaks out about the steady concentration of land and political power and the ethnocide of rural peoples.
The Pastoral Land Commission's 2015 report paints a grim picture of the challenges facing peasants and indigenous people.
Brazil's BNDES, the world's largest development bank, appears to be out of control and damaging Brazil's people and biodiversity

Colombia: War and Peace

The Colombian government has recently launched aerial bombardments against new armed groups in northern Colombia, claiming they are 'narcos'. The groups, however, claim to be politically motivated.

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