Wednesday, December 13, 2017
The senate votes to proceed with Impeachment and suspend Dilma. Some of Temer's cabinet choices have provoked indignation, even horror.
Dilma's government has done all too little to protect the environment and indigenous areas. Temer's could be much worse.
Eduardo Cunha, who just a few days ago seemed untouchable, despite being strongly linked wth corruption, has been removed from office by Brazil's Supreme Court. Many Brazilian celebrated the decision.
Leaders of Brazil's powerful social movements call for mobilization 'against the coup'.
What is the future of Bolivian president Evo Morales and MAS in the wake of the referendum setback.
A further update to LAB's quick guide to understanding Mensalão, Lava Jato, impeachment, the judiciary, the constitution and Lula's cabinet appointment.
The views of ordinary people about Venezuela's economic and political crisis
The Pastoral Land Commission's 2015 report paints a grim picture of the challenges facing peasants and indigenous people.
A leading Venezuelan academic, Vladimir Acosta, analyses the challenges facing the Maduro government as the Venezuelan National Assembly meets for the first time since the victory of the opposition coalition in the December 2015 national elections.
LAB caught up with Sandra Ramos on her recent visit to London to learn of new developments in the Women's Movement and the impact of recent regressive laws in Nicaragua.

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